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Prospect Heights is what we call the “True Development Center.” Here we have our own 7500 square foot facility with the best and most expensive no-infill turf we can find. This facility gives us the length to work on nearly any skill with any group. We feel so blessed to have found/built out this top-level facility. We have Normatec recovery boots for our players in condition to the top of the line Marc Pro Stim machine for recover from heavy legs/injuries. Lastly, we have numerous big Screen TVs for players to watch football “soccer.”


In Geneva, we are renting a top-class facility for our technical skills training. This upper-echelon setup aligns perfectly with our training. We’ve used this space to train everyone from 6 year olds to professional players. 


True Player Devleopment is located in the West Chicago Suburbs and is currently training out of the Geneva/St. Charles area. 

What Level is the Training for?

Every level! The trainers at True Player Development have worked with players 5 years old who are just beginning to professionals who are currently playing in the MLS. 

Connecting with Players

Kyle has a reputation for being one the best you’ll ever see at teaching skills but what separates us is our ability to connect with our players; we strive to motivate players intrinsically; on top of this, we have a special way of instilling/creating a new level of confidence for them on/off the soccer field.
Everything we / other people say can only express so much; come out to one of our sessions so you can see first hand.

Positive Coaching

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.” – Ara Parasheghian

With so much negativity in youth sports these days, we take great pride in motivating our players through positive encouragement and constructive criticism. Our mission is to serve as a role model for our players and help them gain confidence on and off the field. After working with so many players, we have acquired the ability to identify the different personality styles and what it takes to connect with/inspire them. 
Having said that, we understand one of our primary tasks to is to give them upper-echelon technique. Through years of experience, we have cultivated the right way to keep their confidence high while correcting what little mistakes they might have. 


We make a conscious effort to have an open line of communication with parents and view them as one of our biggest assets in developing these players on/off the field. In addition, we strive to represent a valuable resource for our players’ parents. One of the main reasons we offer the videos/voice notes is so that our players’ parents can keep updated on exactly what we are doing each training session. 

We also understand the ability we have to relay important life lessons and messages to players. Please ask if you have a concern you think we can help with. We’d love to help.