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We understand injuries/ilnesses happen and are not going to charge for injuries/illnesses as this is something we don’t have complete control over

Having said that, we have many players looking to get in our schedule so, intentional or not, if you cancel without proper notice then you are negatively affecting the mission and will be charged.

We will need 48 hours notice if you are one player of a multi-player session (2 or more) and are cancelling to avoid paying the session price that you would normally pay as a part of the group.
We will need 72 hours if you are cancelling a private session or all of the participants of a pair/group session (2-5 player sessions) to avoid the late fee of half the session (half the normal rate, not priority.)

Please understand we are implementing this policy out of fairness to the players who can’t get in our schedule and also to us for the time/stress cancellations cause us. 

Late Payments

Tracking down missd payments takes us time and distracts us from our mission of better-helping players on the field.

There will be a $10 convenience fee for every email that must be sent out to collect money. If the payment is not submitted within one week of the session, the late fee increases to $10. Click the button below for all info on payments. We don’t want to do this and it’s not worth our time, so please pay for the service at or before the service is provided. Thank you. 


We prefer not to use the word cost because this could be one of the biggest investments you make in your child’s development as a player and, more importantly, as a person. We are the best at what we do and our players and parents have seen great dividends for every dollar they spend on our training. We’ve helped players get college scholarships and we’ve even helped players pursue professional opportunities. Maybe more importantly, we help players cultivate a the priceless tool of a growth mindset. please reach out to us about pricing and we will do everything we can to make something work.


We have decided not to use an open calendar format as we want to choose who we put in our schedule. Having said that, we are always looking for new players with a professional mentality to share our wisdom and experience. Please fill out our new player form if you’re interested in getting on our group. If you’re already 

Can they combine fun with effectiveness?

A big part of the process for us has always been getting players to buy in to the training. We make it a point not to use “fun drills” that we don’t think provide value; We’d rather have fun with how we interact and some wrinkles we throw in the drills. This allows us to keep them engaged / focused while at the same time maximizing their technical takeaways from the training. It’s all part of the process. 

What is Their Track Record?

Do they have a history of working with players and proof that shows that they’ve helped so many players develop?

Please go watch the videos and see the results pages on this website to see the results and testimonials firsthand.

And if we want to look at players I’ve worked with:

➢ Playing in the MLS (Major League Soccer) or top league for men’s soccer!

➢ Players who are playing in top leagues of European countries

➢ Youth Players called up to the US and Mexican National Team

➢ And, obviously, players that have gone on to play in various levels of college soccer including Division 1.