Scheduling Availability 

We have decided not to use an open calendar format as we want to choose who we put in our schedule. Having said that, we are always looking for new players with a professional mentality to share our wisdom and experience. Please fill out our new player page if you’re interested in getting on our schedule. If you’re already 

Watch Video (Below) for all Details

(Keys Points Below Video)

  • If someone is joining you please hit the “add guest” button and add the guardian’s email.
  • The guests will need to confirm or “RSVP” on their email
  • If we need to slightly change the time, please RSVP to the change
  • If you choose to put your phone number in, you’ll get a text reminder to pay when the session starts. 

If you are not one of our many weekly scheduled (locked-in) players then we highly recommend you fill out the scheduling/availability form accessed through the button below.  Please first look at the tutorial below along with the instructional image; then we’ll ask you to select the dates that you know will work for you. Please tell us every time that will work for you during our possible coaching hours. Please note that some of these spots may already be filled, and, during most weeks, very few spots are open. By filling this out, we will have your availability when we look to fit players in our schedule and will reach out to you if a spot opens up and the schedule fits. As many of you know, we don’t have many open spots (usually) so filling out all the possible times/days that work will put you in the best position to get any spot that happens to be open/opens up.


  • Put the player’s FULL NAME in slot on the left
  • Select the dates that work with one click (green) and that will work, but not preferred with two clicks (orange.)
  • Use scroll bar at bottom to see all dates
  • Calendar View is Probably the Easiest
  • You can submit more than once. No Problem!
  • You must click SEND when you’re done!

August Schedule